Medication Refills

  • Refills are handled during weekdays only. Requests received over the weekend will be handled by the office the following business day. Calls for medication refills will not be accepted outside of regular business hours.


  • In order to provide the highest clinical service to you, we will review your medical record to determine if a follow-up visit is needed before refilling.


    • If you have a limited prescription (written for one month with no refills until another appointment is made) you must keep that scheduled appointment in order to be issued a refill.
    • If it has been 6 months or more since your last visit, you will be required to schedule an appointment.


  • Many prescription plans will not cover brand name medications, or do so at a much higher cost. We are not always able to obtain prior authorization for your medications. Generally, you can expect to receive generic medications or pay a higher cost if you prefer the brand name drugs.


  • Please allow up to 48 business hours to process your prescription refills.
  • If there are questions associated with your refill request, this could cause further delay.

Routine Prescriptions


  • If your prescription bottle indicates you have refills left, you do not need to call our office. Contact your pharmacy and they will refill it for you. Place your request for a refill before your prescription runs out. Remember no refills are approved outside of our business hours. If a request for refill is required, your pharmacy will notify you and they will contact our office for approval. This is the most efficient method for you to obtain your medication refills.
  • If it is necessary for you to discuss the refill, please contact your doctor’s medical assistant.
  • Have the following information readily available at the time of your call:
    • Your date of birth along with the spelling of your name
    • Best number to reach you or leave voice mail
    • Name and spelling of your medication
    • Dosage and how often taken
    • Name and phone number of your pharmacy

Pharmacy Requests

Call your pharmacy and request a faxed Refill Authorization Form be sent to your physician. This is the most efficient method for you to obtain your medication refill.

Patient Requests by Phone

If it is necessary for you to discuss the refill, please call (409) 347-1600 and ask for the medical assistant. In the event she is busy on other calls, please leave a detailed message on her voicemail.

Mail Order Prescriptions

Please contact your specialty pharmacy for refills via their 800 number or website. Please be sure to contact your specialty pharmacy at least 2 weeks before you will need the refill. If it is necessary for us to complete forms for your mail order pharmacy please give us 3 business days to complete the paperwork and have it ready for you. If you call to request a mail in prescription refill by phone, please have your pharmacy benefit ID# (located on your insurance card) ready to give to your doctor’s medical assistant.


Please call for refills 48 hours before needed.

  • Call our main line (409) 347-1600 and ask for Medical Assist
  • Provide:
    • Spelling of full name
    • Phone number
    • Date of birth
    • Name of medication with dosage
    • Specify generic or brand
  • ID is required for pick-up.
  • Cash, credit card, or check is accepted
  • Pick-up and payment is at front window
  • Prescriptions written for a Schedule II Controlled Substance, must be filled within 15 days after the date the prescription was issued.
  • If someone is picking up a triplicate for you, please call (409) 347-1600 to inform the front desk. Have them bring their photo ID, it is required.

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